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When you realise that ‘wanting it’ isn’t making it happen for you, if you feel like you are being a watered down version of yourself, if you’ve drifted into a place you despise – Or if you have success and you still feel a massive void in your life, coaching is the vehicle that will get you to where you want to be

Coaching is not for the faint of heart – Coaching is about investing in yourself and getting the results you do want

So whilst it can be brutal to sit in your dissatisfaction long enough to realise your own blind spots and obstacles, and scary to step into what has previously stopped you, the transformation of coaching is also a beautiful thing to watch; Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis – To be coached is courageous

Coaching isn’t just about achieving your goals, it’s much more powerful because coaching is about who you will become as you grow and accomplish more than you ever imagined possible on your journey

Coaching is about creation – What would you like to create in your life today?

Don’t leave your life to chance

Are You Tired Of Average?

You don’t need me to tell you that if you want a different result –  you have to do something different

But let’s not hide from the fact that changing a behaviour or a belief requires a fair amount of effort, focus and determination

I don’t care whether your goal is to become a millionaire, drop a few stone, find the perfect relationship or get a new job – If it’s important to you – then it matters

So whilst you may not have woken up this morning thinking ‘I want a coach’ – You’re here this one time and the clock is ticking – If it matters to you – You owe it to yourself to get what you want  don’t you?

“The very essence of coaching is that it gets you past the point where everyone else usually gives up”

Amanda Murdoch

Charge Forward With The Murdoch Method

Return Yourself To Full Business Owner Status

Passion, hard work, pure dedication and grit has got you to where you are … But where are you headed next?

Business is moving faster, markets are forever changing – And as the leader of your business – You’ve got to lead it to the next level – It’s do or die …

That means you’ve got to lead your business fearlessly, relentlessly & strategically into a profitable and sustainable future

Top performers in sports & business work with a coach to refine their skill, focus their mind and improve their performance to win big – Who do you have?

  • For businesses just starting out
  • For businesses reaching to the next level
  • For businesses that have plateaued

Discover your next move with a

Coaching Consultation

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Life In General

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What IS Coaching?

Coaching gets you focused on going forward

Coaching is the total opposite of therapy or counselling. Instead of looking back – Coaching gets you focused on going forward …

Coaching focuses you on; What do I want? What was I doing when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted? What do I need to do different? How do I need to do it? Am I heading in the right direction? And; What do I need to do next?

Direction & Purpose

Achieve more – More quickly by knowing where you’re headed and why you want it

Inspired & Energised

When you remove the clutter to discover your true inner power

Confidence & Clarity

Take action with clarity, move forward with confidence

Joy & Meaning

Find joy in all that you do and a sense meaning to your life

From Amanda …

My Secret To Being An Extraordinary Coach Is Having Extraordinary Clients

I don’t just change my client’s lives – I transform them entirely!

My expertise is in change – The fundamental principal and ingredient of getting what you want

As a professional qualified coach, I have the privilege and the joy of helping my clients make simple yet extraordinary shifts to get extraordinary results in their lives and businesses

When I work with my clients we clear all the obstacles and the reasons why not, and we access potential and possibility – We create the mindset, the motivation and the means so they do get what they want

I’m in the miracle business – And I have the best job in the world!

Invest In Yourself … Invest In Your Future

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