Stop Searching For Answers And Start Taking Action

Stop Searching For Answers And Start Taking Action

Is It Time You Stopped Searching For Answers And Started Taking Action?


April, 2017


Too many personal development books have us searching for answers – answers we don’t even need – The past is the past … If you want to make changes in your life – You won’t achieve it by focusing on the past

You achieve it by focusing on what you want … and you let go of your past

But That’s Harder Than It Looks On Your Own …

Here’s what I mean ….

Have you ever had a dream or goal, that when you think about it – It makes you feel alive and excited … but it seems too big – and it scares you?

You might not feel ‘scared’ in the obvious sense of fear .. You’ll probably not have a conscious awareness of it – But your subconscious does … and it gives you all the reasons why you can’t …

And This Is What You Feel Happening To You

Your beliefs kick in in the form of resistance or fear, thoughts flash through your mind, the voice of inner doubt speaks up – and then you end up telling yourself ‘don’t be daft’ , or ‘no, I could never do that’

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Uncovering those beliefs and the resistance is part of the role of being your coach – to help you work through what it is you want, and then help you find the way to do that – without getting stopped because of your fears or beliefs … or the resistance your brain brings up because it doesn’t want you to get hurt …

Yes – Your brain will bring up memories of experiences of the past – Like the last time you tried to lose weight – or the time you tried starting a business – but it didn’t work out – Or it could be that because your brain doesn’t like what is unfamiliar, that it will just simply find all the reasons why you can’t instead of why you can

“Coaching helps you move through the change process despite all the fear and resistance that might come up  “

Coaching helps you move through the change process despite all the fear and resistance that might come up  –

My coaching programs are designed to help you become comfortable doing what you consider uncomfortable …

I never push you into anything (that definitely doesn’t work), you won’t succeed that way, I do help you stretch yourself until your become comfortable doing new things .. and I will hold you accountable to your action plans

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Coaching Can Help You With So Many Issues

You may come to me with an issue or just one thing you want to change, but the coaching process will give you so much more … And make you feel more confident, fulfilled and happy in many aspects of your life such as:

  • Getting Motivated and Inspired
  • Stopping self sabotage
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Getting beyond resistance
  • Moving through change easily and comfortably
  • Changing your limiting beliefs                       
  • Starting a new relationship
  • Losing weight
  • Changing Your Style & appearance
  • Dating
  • Dealing With Stress and Learning to Relax
  • Finding a purpose and fulfilment in life
  • Starting a business
  • Improving your business
  • Changing The Direction Of Your Life
  • Gaining or Re-building confidence
  • Just improving the way you feel
  • Feel happier and lighter

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Living Beyond Limits

Today I have an inspiring video for you from Amy Purdy at Ted Talks …

When she was 19, Amy Purdy lost both her legs below the knee. And now … she’s a pro snowboarder (and a killer competitor on “Dancing with the Stars”!). In this powerful talk, she shows us how to draw inspiration from life’s obstacles.


Monday Motivation – Guts Over Fear

I’m bring you today’s inspiration from Eminem

If people take anything from my music, it should be motivation to know that anything is possible as long as you keep working at it and don’t back down

When Eminem forst hit over here in the Uk in the early 2000’s with his sweary raps,

Anyway – If you feel you’re stuck … Enjoy this music video from Eminem – Guts Over Fear


The Change Challenge

The Change Challenge …

What would you most like to change in your life right now?

Whilst we usually welcome the variety of something new and exciting happening in our lives, for most of us, change is something that we subconsciously avoid.

When you want to change something, you seem to enter a state of not havingbattle deep down within your mind, and making the changes so you can get what you want suddenly becomes the battle with your own mind as resistance and indecision raise their ugly heads

Your Brain Likes Things To Stay The Same …

That’s why when you want to change, your mind suddenly pops up with every excuse, reason why you can’t do it – and so many obstacles come up in front of you making what you want seem like an almost unachievable dream

So what can you do

To make your life different – change is a necessity. Something in you has to change, what you do has to change – and you have to learn to

The good news is that Change is a process, and you can work with your mind to create the changes you want to see

There are many techniques and strategies a coach can help you with so change becomes less of a struggle. When you learn to trick your brain so that you can set your brain to work for you – instead of against you, change can become almost effortless

Could You Do It?

Is there something niggling away at you? Something you want to be .. or do … or have?

– and even though you keep on trying – It just isn’t working out for you maybe the change challenge is for you

So What Do You Want?

How Can Coaching Make The Difference To Your Life?

Do You Want Something To Be Different In Your Life?

What do you want to be different?  Are you unhappy with something specific like how you feel, maybe your financial situation, your career or business, a relationship (or lack of), or even your weight or appearance?

Or do you feel that there is something missing in your life?

Perhaps you can’t quite put your finger on what’s causing you to stay stuck and feel like you do?

Right now, if you aren’t satisfied with your life, it’s only natural it’ll make you feel unhappy and wanting to make things different for you …

What Do You Want To Change?

What changes would you like to make in your life? How do you imagine those changes to look for you?

And as you think about what it is you want to change, does it feel that as much as you wish things were different, you always feel like you are striving to get what you really want – and reaching your goals always feels distanced from you?

Why is it that the minute you say ‘I want to … ’ that you seem to come up against all kinds of objections, resistance, problems and frustrations – and that ends up in very little change happening for you at all?

Living with the feeling that you aren’t getting what you want, and the frustration and dissatisfaction that brings is likely draining your energy too, which in turn causes opportunities, possibilities and alternatives to remain hidden from you

What’s Important To You …

Yet, despite all of that, that sense of dissatisfaction remains, and you still want what is important to you to get better don’t you?

How Will Coaching Help You Get What You Want?

How can you get what you want? How can you make what you want achievable and possible – rather than it being a thought that swims around in your mind acting as a reminder that you haven’t done it yet?

There’s a great deal of brain science behind getting what you want, and my coaching programs contain specific processes to help inspire you to action, and more importantly – To help you get what you want

Full of clear and concise steps, my coaching programs are designed to help you get over resistance and obstacles so that you can you see what is possible – leaving you feeling more fulfilled as you take a new path that will start leading you to feel fulfilled – and living a life full of meaningful experiences

With a coach on your side, you’ll have the mindset, the confidence, the back-up and the support to start following the process necessary to help you reach your goals and get what you want – After all, what is living the life you really want worth to you?

Your Dreams Are Priceless – Ready To Dive Deeper?

This life isn’t a practice … Your life is happening now – So what if getting what you want IS available to you? How would reaching your goals and living a fulfilled life make you feel?

If you would like to explore what would be possible for you if we worked together and discover how, with a new mindset, getting the life you really want becomes easier, quicker and less challenging for you

Here’s How To Take The Next Step …

For a complimentary coaching session with Amanda where she will help you understand your situation and what will help you the most … Book a time slot by clicking on this link

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