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How The Hell Did I Get Here?

It’s been a long time for me, but I remember having a career – more importantly, I remember having a career that I HATED!!!

I’ve had some really good jobs in my career, but the few jobs that I hated … well, lets just say that if you hate your job, if you aren’t satisfied with the direction your career is taking, (or isn’t taking), – I understand how you feel

Dragging yourself to work everyday, spending all those hours doing something you don’t like, spending all your valuable hours amongst people and in an environment you dislike so much – It can quickly make you stressed unhappy and feeling completely stuck

If you are experiencing the frustration of feeling stuck where you are, if you feel promotions are passing you by

If you desperately want to move on up the career ladder to reach your ambitions …  or change your career completely – Career caching can help you achieve what you want

Tempation is everywhere – We’re over consuming food

And food manufacturers and supermarkets invest millions to keep you buying all the food you don’t actually need

Too Much Food

Let’s face it .. when it comes to food, there are some difficult choices aren’t there?

With so many delicious foods available to us in such great quantities, food has become so much more than a way of getting essential fuel for our bodies hasn’t it?

We’re surrounded by food – and not just the essential food our bodies need – and a great deal more high calorie food than our bodies need

Putting On Weight Is Just So Easy

We don’t have to go out and catch our food anymore – you can get it delivered to your door!! We sit on front of the TV at night … we socialise around food – We’re surrounded by it!!!

And it’s just so easy to put it in your mouth …

So yes, it’s so easy to put weight on!

Plus, you forget that it probably took you at least a year or two to put all this weight on …

But you want it gone – In the next week!!!!

Who doesn’t hate going on a diet?

Diets sound so restricting don’t they? The mere word implies ‘that you can’t have’ … and ‘that this is going to be a miserable process’ – so why on earth would you feel like dieting?

Your Career Goals

Diets are dull, restrictive – and most of all – Boring!

So if you don’t feel like dieting – but you want to lose weight – what do you do?

You’ve seen all the diet fads haven’t you? From the explosion of dieting fads in the 1980’s with the cabbage soup diet and the grapefruit diet, to today’s ever increasing diet crazes such as clean eating and paleo diets

But here’s the thing – with all these diets, and probably all the diets you’ve started over the years

If Diets Are So Good – Why Aren’t You Thin Yet?

You Want The Results – But You Don’t Feel Like Doing The Hard Work

Who does? Going on a diet .. all that exercise .. the rules .. the restriction – It’s no wonder the mere mention of a diet makes you want that delicious ice cream / chocolate / pizza even more than you wanted it before!!!!

Let’s face it – If you need to lose weight – when do you ever feel like going on a diet?

I wish I’d met Amanda years ago – Can’t believe how much the coaching has changed my body – and my life! I’m now 2 stone lighter and feeling great about my body

Ali J


Wow – for the first time ever losing weight was easy. the coaching was so useful and made losing weight easier than any diet I’ve tried

Jackie C


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