What Do You REALLY Want?

Do you know what you really want? Or perhaps you aren’t even sure about that at this moment?

That’s okay – Just knowing that you want to change something – and taking the first step to do something about it IS the most important thing right now

What Do You Want To Change ..?

  • You Want To Change The May You Feel
  • You Have Issues Relating To Money
  • You Aren’t Happy With Your Appearance Or Weight
  • Your Job or Career Is Making You Feel Unhappy & Stuck
  • You Want Your Business To Improve or Grow
  • You Have A Relationship Issue (or lack of)
  • You Want More Confidence
  • You Just Want To Feel Happier and More Fulfilled
  • You Dream Of Being or Doing Something – But You Just Feel It’s Too Big A Goal For You On Your Own

Why Living The Life You Want To Live Is SO Important

Because This Is Not A Rehearsal – This Is Your Life – HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!

The Minutes Are Ticking By … We are all hurtling to our deaths at the speed of 115,200 heart beats a day! (42,048,000 beats per year – Thank you Google)

If your life is not the way you want it to be – Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to do something about it?

You have a right to have the most pleasing life to you; Not what anybody else says you should do, or what the media paints as ideal – But what YOU WANT

To be doing things you want to do – To wake up in the morning and feel good about what the day ahead holds for you … To be happy, to feel good about yourself, and feel happy and fulfilled in each and every aspect of your life – Whatever you choose to be, do or have

Why do we assume that when we are no longer children and we become ‘grown-ups’ that we have to become miserable, practical – bored even?

We Just Get Caught Up – And Get Stuck Don’t We?

We say things like … ‘Oh life’s okay – yes, I’d really love that – but it’ll never really happen and besides what is have is okay – and I have 2 kids and a mortgage  … etc’

Or we put things off don’t we? We think we’ve always got tomorrow …

It’s easy to say ‘I’ll start it’ or ‘do it’ tomorrow or next week, or next month – Or even ‘next year is my year’ …

Or you ‘guilt’ yourself about not doing what you promised yourself you would and beat yourself up – Just making yourself feel worse about you

I’ve done it … ‘I need to lose a few pounds … ’ll start a diet Monday’ … Only Monday comes and goes – No diet … Or worse still by 7pm Monday – that cake is too good to resist!

Yes – Making Changes Is Not The Easiest Thing to Do

Even harder doing it on your own!

It’s Not For Lack Of Information Either …

If you think about it, we have all the information we need about ‘how to’ do something don’t we?

Go to a bookstore, or search the internet – How to …. It’s full of the most comprehensive ‘how to advice’

  • ‘How to get rich’
  • ‘How to lose weight’
  • ‘How to get a date’
  • ‘How to have a better relationship’
  • ‘How to be happy’
  • ‘How to grow your business’

Endless pages of information …

Yet we don’t do it – you might even buy the book or the course – But you still don’t do it

Why IS That?

Just for a moment – think about or recall a time when you were thinking of something you wanted to be, or do – or have …

Can you remember feeling inspired and alive as you thought about having what you wanted? Did you feel those sparks of desire and excitement inside?

And you felt great whilst you were thinking of it – yes? Maybe if you bought the book or course and you thought ‘Yes, this time, I’m going to really do it’

… BUT – Almost instantly as you felt moved to action or compelled to actually do something about it, within 10 seconds … the voice of doubt talked you out of it – Something like this …

‘I’m not good enough’   OR   ‘It’ll never happen for me’   OR

 ‘Having that is not available to me – it’s only for other people’   OR

‘It’s too big a possibility for me’   OR   ‘This is too hard – I’ll never do it’


Meet The Voice Of Doubt …

That voice of doubt is powerful isn’t it? It’s packed full of your limiting thinking and beliefs, old conditioning, resistance and memories of past events –

It comes up with all the reasons and excuses why you can’t or shouldn’t – Instead of the reasons WHY YOU CAN!