Is It Time You Stopped Searching For Answers And Started Taking Action?


April, 2017


Too many personal development books have us searching for answers – answers we don’t even need – The past is the past … If you want to make changes in your life – You won’t achieve it by focusing on the past

You achieve it by focusing on what you want … and you let go of your past

But That’s Harder Than It Looks On Your Own …

Here’s what I mean ….

Have you ever had a dream or goal, that when you think about it – It makes you feel alive and excited … but it seems too big – and it scares you?

You might not feel ‘scared’ in the obvious sense of fear .. You’ll probably not have a conscious awareness of it – But your subconscious does … and it gives you all the reasons why you can’t …

And This Is What You Feel Happening To You

Your beliefs kick in in the form of resistance or fear, thoughts flash through your mind, the voice of inner doubt speaks up – and then you end up telling yourself ‘don’t be daft’ , or ‘no, I could never do that’

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Uncovering those beliefs and the resistance is part of the role of being your coach – to help you work through what it is you want, and then help you find the way to do that – without getting stopped because of your fears or beliefs … or the resistance your brain brings up because it doesn’t want you to get hurt …

Yes – Your brain will bring up memories of experiences of the past – Like the last time you tried to lose weight – or the time you tried starting a business – but it didn’t work out – Or it could be that because your brain doesn’t like what is unfamiliar, that it will just simply find all the reasons why you can’t instead of why you can

“Coaching helps you move through the change process despite all the fear and resistance that might come up  “

Coaching helps you move through the change process despite all the fear and resistance that might come up  –

My coaching programs are designed to help you become comfortable doing what you consider uncomfortable …

I never push you into anything (that definitely doesn’t work), you won’t succeed that way, I do help you stretch yourself until your become comfortable doing new things .. and I will hold you accountable to your action plans

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Coaching Can Help You With So Many Issues

You may come to me with an issue or just one thing you want to change, but the coaching process will give you so much more … And make you feel more confident, fulfilled and happy in many aspects of your life such as:

  • Getting Motivated and Inspired
  • Stopping self sabotage
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Getting beyond resistance
  • Moving through change easily and comfortably
  • Changing your limiting beliefs                       
  • Starting a new relationship
  • Losing weight
  • Changing Your Style & appearance
  • Dating
  • Dealing With Stress and Learning to Relax
  • Finding a purpose and fulfilment in life
  • Starting a business
  • Improving your business
  • Changing The Direction Of Your Life
  • Gaining or Re-building confidence
  • Just improving the way you feel
  • Feel happier and lighter

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